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Piezo positioner

PI's P-763 XY nanopositioning stage is an affordable addition to the company’s range of piezo stage positioners. The compact P-763 flexure-guided stage has a footprint of less than 3 x 3 in (76 x 76 mm) and a large travel range of 200 x 200 µm. The P-763.22C nanopositioning piezo is a multilayer piezo-driven stage, providing sub-nanometer resolution and rapid response. Equipped with capacitive, direct-metrology position sensors, the nanopositioning stage also is suited to static positioning applications where long-term drift-free stability is needed. Capacitive feedback improves linearity of motion with 0.02% deviation. The piezo positioning system is suitable for demanding applications requiring high precision, high throughput, and fast step and settle in milliseconds such as image-stabilization; each PI piezo controller includes software tools and programming examples. 

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