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Stain-resistant, antimicrobial fabric coating

Johnson Controls’ FreshPer4mance coating for fabrics repels dirt and liquid from automotive seats and protects passengers from microbes and static. According to the company, FreshPer4mance can be applied to all cover fabrics. For long-lasting protection, Johnson Controls coats the entire fabric—not just one side—in the new product. FreshPer4mance makes textiles liquid-repellent, stain-resistant, antistatic, and antimicrobial. All sorts of dirt can be removed with one wipe, without leaving any marks, making the seats easier to keep clean, hygienic, and odor free, claims the company. FreshPer4mance is suitable for heavily used seat covers in commercial vehicles, as well as for vehicles with constantly changing drivers—i.e., rental cars, car-sharing, and pool vehicles. (Picture: The right panel of fabric has been treated with the coating. The coffee forms pearls on the surface and is easily wiped off by a cloth without leaving any marks, as opposed to the left panel that was not treated.)




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