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Surface coating

Ultra-short pulsed laser deposition (USPLD) surface coating technology from Picodeon enables creation of porous or dense aluminum oxide (Al2O3) coatings on heat-sensitive substrates in various industrial metallization applications including off-highway and agricultural equipment engines. Porous Al2O3 layers are used as filters and electrical insulation layers, while dense Al2O3 is used as a barrier and a transmittable optical coating. The USPLD process offers precise microstructural coating control for dense and porous coatings on heat-sensitive materials. Coldab Series4 equipment with built-in online plasma monitoring and laser power measurement enables accurate management of coating process parameters, and PC-controlled automation records the coating process to achieve coating characteristics within targeted parameters. The system can improve porosity of a 3-µm Al2O3 coating by as much as 45%.

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