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Suspension parameter measuring machine

AB Dynamics’ updated suspension parameter measuring machine (SPMM), the SPMM5000, is a fixed ground plane kinetics and compliance test machine that measures suspension parameters and characteristics like the SPMM4000 on which it is based. The fixed ground plane design is a key feature of the SPMM as it is able to simulate the motions of a vehicle on the road more accurately than moving ground plane alternatives. The SPMM5000 is designed to cater to the latest generation of larger SUV-type vehicles. To handle longer wheel travel and the weight of larger vehicles, the vertical stroke has been increased to ±210 mm (±8.3 in) and the nominal load capacity to 5000 kg (11,023 lb). It also comes with longer wheel stations, which enables vehicles ranging in size from very small up to those with a maximum wheel base of 4450 mm (175 in) to be tested without comprising accuracy, claims AB Dynamics. 

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