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SwRI launches two powertain-related consortia

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) used the SAE 2014 World Congress April 8 to announce formation of two consortia, one on fuels and lubricants, the other on emissions and catalysts.

Sharing costs through a consortium gives companies access to more research than would be feasible fi funded individually, said Thomas Briggs, Ph.D., a Manager in the Engine Systems Research and Development section in the Engine, Emissions, and Vehicle Research Division. Member companies will receive free licensing for any patents that are produced from the consortia.

The goal of the Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) consortium is to better understand fuel and lubricant chemistry and its effects on engine combustion.

"Engine technology is changing so rapidly that it has become difficult for fuel and lubricant technologies to keep up," Briggs said. "The new technologies being applied to engines are dramatically changing the demands placed on the fluids. We are also seeing more and more evidence that the chemical and physical details of the fluids significantly impacts engine performance."

Annual membership in the AEF is $100,000. The group will hold its first meeting July 7 at SwRI in San Antonio, TX. For more information, email Briggs at

Annual membership in the Advanced Combustion Catalyst and Aftertreatment Technologies (AC²AT) consortium is $95,000. The four-year consortium is slated to kick off in June 2014.

"As future emission regulations are proposed, it is important for engine and equipment manufacturers to understand the detailed composition of emissions from these advanced combustion concepts, evaluate what strategies can be developed to treat emissions, and identify alternative uses for catalysts that can reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions," said Cary Henry, Principal Engineer in SwRI's Engine Emissions, and Vehicle Research division.

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