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TPE diaphragms

Custom diaphragms molded of co-polyester thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics improve tensile strength while preventing the threat of pin-hole seal leaks caused by rubber tear in the weave of thermoset fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragms. Subjected to 300-psi (21-bar) burst test pressure, the injection-molded parts also deliver demanding flex-life and chemical resistance while reducing costs. TPE diaphragms measure 2.5 x 0.03 in (63.5 x 0.76 mm) and offer six equally spaced mounting holes for custom sizes or configurations. The material’s tensile strength suitably replaces the fabric, while component geometry accommodates differences in stiffness. Appropriate for static actuation switch seals on water pump devices, custom diaphragms can be combined with other components to form a completed assembly.

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