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Opening of the MEC Advanced Manufacturing Lab at the University of Virginia.

University of Virginia and Virginia Tech join Rolls-Royce UTC network

Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia have joined the global Rolls-Royce University Technology Centers (UTC) network, consisting of research groups in universities identified to develop long-term research and technology programs. Rolls-Royce has enjoyed a strong relationship with both universities for more than a decade. Together with Rolls-Royce, they form the Commonwealth Center for Aerospace Propulsion Systems (CCAPS) and are founding members of the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM). Incorporation as UTCs allows more specific, technical research at the university level, leveraging the strengths of each institution, which could eventually lead to new product development. The Virginia Tech UTC will specialize in the study of advanced systems diagnostics, flow modelling, power electronics, and other subjects of interest. In particular, Virginia Tech will work closely with Rolls-Royce to develop methods for evaluating and validating propulsion systems and components. The University of Virginia UTC will specialize in the study of advanced material systems, flow modelling, and other fields. UVA will work closely with Rolls-Royce to investigate ceramic matrix composite (CMC) materials for use in aerospace and other high-technology markets. CMCs offer high strength at the extreme temperatures and pressures encountered in aerospace applications, but with significantly reduced weight.

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