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ETS Aviation’s Aviation FuelSaver software takes data from flight planning and monitoring systems and additional sources, processing more than 80 parameters for each flight.

Boeing to acquire ETS Aviation

Boeing announced an agreement to acquire ETS Aviation, a provider of fuel-efficiency management and analytics software. ETS Aviation solutions provide more than 120 airlines and corporate flight departments the tools necessary to accurately monitor fuel consumption, identify fuel savings opportunities, and track and report carbon emissions. ETS Aviation's fuel-efficiency solutions support more than 600 commercial aircraft across nearly 900,000 flights annually. They will become part of the integrated suite of aviation services marketed as the Boeing Edge. These include digital solutions that increase efficiency and profitability for aircraft operators by optimizing flight operations, maintenance, and crew planning and scheduling. ETS Aviation employees, who are based in Bristol, U.K., will join the Jeppesen U.K. subsidiary of The Boeing Co. upon completion of the transaction, which is expected to occur in the second quarter.

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