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The all-new Jaguar 800 Series forage harvesters from Claas are seen by the company as a complement to the current higher-end 900 Series.

Claas expands its forage harvester line

The all-new Jaguar 800 Series forage harvesters from Claas are seen by the company as a complement to the current 900 Series, meeting the needs of producers and custom harvesters who need the reliable performance and throughput expected from Jaguar harvesters but don’t require all the upgrades that the higher-end 900 series delivers.

Mercedes-Benz inline six engines deliver Tier 4 Final power to the entire line. The top-end 880, at 626 hp (467 kW), offers a power curve comparable to the Jaguar 960, while the Jaguar 840—the least powerful offering in the new 800 series at 408 hp (304 kW)—is a fit for those who don’t require quite as much power as the base 930. The two models in between are the 860 at 516 hp (385 kW) and the 850 at 464 hp (346 kW). The same Dynamic Power option offered on the 900 Series—a system that modifies engine output and fuel consumption based on operating conditions—is also an available option on the Jaguar 880 and 860. Claas says that option contributes to fuel savings of up to 10.6%.

According to Claas of America Product Coordinator, Matt Jaynes, “Those who are familiar with the Jaguar line of forage harvesters will remember the ‘Green Eye’ series, which was sold here in North America just a few years ago. The new 800 Series feels a lot like the 'Green Eye' series, with a classic, straightforward mechanical design to go along with some key updates.”

Some of those classic characteristics include a mechanical feed roll design delivering an industry-exclusive six different lengths of cut from a V-Classic drum, instead of the infinitely variable cut length and V-Max drum of the 900 Series. The 800 Series has also adopted the axle design and mechanical four-wheel drive offered in the older line.

While mechanically straightforward, the 800 Series delivers advanced features "expected from the Jaguar line," says Claas. In addition to its engine and emissions updates, design enhancements and a wide range of options simplify maintenance and operations.

The 880 can be equipped with the same multi crop cracker as the 900 Series, while the rest of the line can be equipped with a slightly smaller cracker. A new metal access door makes it easier than ever to quickly switch out the cracker and change rollers. A newly designed modular accelerator allows for easier access and faster maintenance. 

With its rounded body design, the 800 models offer efficient air cooling and improved visibility for the operator. Advanced air filters prolong the time between maintenance stops. Hydraulics have been upgraded and placed for easier access.

The large Vista cab and CEBIS (Claas Electronic on-Board Information System) operating concept in the new 800 also help to increase operator comfort. Efficient Agriculture System (EASY) functions and driver assistance systems available on the 900 Series are also available on the 800 Series, including Auto Fill, Cam Pilot, moisture sensors, and remote diagnostics.

Claas describes Auto Fill as being based on the principle of digital 3-D image analysis. By analyzing camera images of the trailer travelling alongside, the system is capable of determining both the outer edges and the fill level at any position in the trailer. Additionally, the system is able to determine where the harvested crop will impact as it enters the trailer. The data obtained is used to control the discharge spout automatically lengthways and crossways in relation to the vehicle axis for optimal filling of the trailer.

Also new to the 800 Series is a mechanical quick-attach drive coupler and hydraulic flat-face coupler for quickly and conveniently attaching headers. The 800 Series has a uniform interface for front attachments that can operate all of the same headers offered on the 900 Series with the exception of the Orbis 900 and DD 610.


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