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Book explores role of AHSS in vehicle lightweighting

Automotive Lightweighting Using Advanced High-Strength Steels from SAE International explores the role of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) in addressing the challenge of vehicle lightweighting. The 198-page book is intended to help design engineers make informed decisions on what basic materials to use and how to optimize them to achieve cost-effective weight reduction and, consequently, better fuel efficiency. The emphasis of Automotive Lightweighting Using Advanced High-Strength Steels is on steels in general and AHSS in particular; however, there also is much information on comparisons of steel with alternative materials for different subsystems of the vehicle. Authored by Paul E. Geck, an expert in this field, the new title focuses on body and chassis structures, and the sheet metal of which these systems are primarily made. Chapters include “Advanced High-Strength Steel Technology,” “Impediments and Enablers for Advanced High-Strength Steels,” and “Example Applications of Advanced High-Strength Steels.”





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