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IEEE forms study group for greater Ethernet capability

IEEE has announced formation of the IEEE 802.3 Single Twisted Pair 100 Mb/s Ethernet Study Group to explore the market opportunities and needs for a 100 Mb/s speed for Ethernet in automotive networking. Many vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers desire IEEE 802.3 standards-based interoperable solutions to enable and extend a multi-vendor eco-system for the automotive industry. While an increasing number of automotive subsystems will require a 1-Gb/s Ethernet connection, the stringent economic constraints of the volume vehicle environment allow only a 100-Mb/s Ethernet connection in many applications. A reduced data rate will allow for lower-cost electronic control units and more economical twisted pair wiring. As a result, automotive vendors are looking for an IEEE standardized, interoperable solution at 100 Mb/s. Those interested in helping develop the standards may visit

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