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Next-generation LED drivers for front, rear lights

Texas Instruments offers the automotive industry’s first two-channel switching LED driver for front lights and the only linear LED driver with single short LED detection for rear lights, according to the company. Unlike other LED drivers on the market, the TPS92630-Q1 and TPS92602-Q1 feature both high-side current sense dimming and pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming capabilities, as well as full diagnostic and thermal management. These features help designers create flexible lighting systems that meet many countries’ differing regulations. Applications for the TPS92630-Q1 and TPS92602-Q1 include automotive LED front lamp, rear lamp, and interior lighting. The TPS92630-Q1 for automotive rear lights features the industry’s only single LED short detection, multi-chip fault bus connection, and thermal current fold-back with programmable threshold. In addition, the TPS92602-Q1 for automotive front lights supports both linear analog dimming with high-side current sensing and PWM dimming with high-side PMOSFET, dedicated diagnostic pin, as well as auto recovery.

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