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Thermoplastics added to modeling database

Three high-performance thermoplastics from Victrex have been added to the Digimat-MX material and modeling database to accelerate the application development process while helping to minimize component weight and costs. The software suite from e-Xstream engineering offers data on Victrex PEEK 150CA30, Victrex PEEK 90HMF40, and Victrex PEEK 150GL30. Victrex PEEK 150CA30 is typically used to replace metals such as aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. The 30% carbon fiber-filled material offers high stiffness and strength. Victrex PEEK 90HMF40 delivers up to 100x longer fatigue life and up to 20% higher specific strength and stiffness than aluminum 7075-T6. Victrex PEEK 150GL30 offers a low viscosity to simplify the molding process.

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