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Automotive voltage detectors

Developed to meet automotive industry requirements, Seiko Instruments Inc.’s new S-19110 series automotive voltage detectors are used in applications such as electronic control units for engines, transmissions, and suspensions; anti-lock brake systems, related electric vehicle equipment, and hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electronics. The S-19110 series’ high withstand-voltage feature of 36-v input and maximum rating of 45-v allows for direct voltage detection from 12-v lead-acid batteries, while other detectors typically require an external resistor voltage divider to accomplish the same thing, the company claims. Capable of 125°C (257°F) operation, the devices also reduce the current consumption from approximately 100 uA from an external divider to under two uA (Figure 1). In addition, unlike other typical voltage detectors, the S-19110 series positioned the ground pin away from the power supply pin to help prevent the possibility of a short circuit between adjacent pins (Figure 2).

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