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Continental's new aluminum turbocharger housing is integrated into the BMW 3-cylinder exhaust manifold.

Continental debuts first production aluminum turbocharger housing

Continental on July 15 announced the first turbocharger with an aluminum turbine housing to enter automotive series production. BMW's 1.5-L, 134 hp (100 kW) turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine used in the Mini 3-door is the first powertrain application for the new AL turbo housing, which is double-walled and water cooled. Compared to a typical heat-resistant cast-steel turbocharger housing, Conti's aluminum housing offers a nearly 30% weight savings--2.65 lb/1.2 kg) and lower cost. Its design is claimed to reduce thermal load on the catalytic converter, increasing its durability. Fast catalyst light-off is ensured by an electric actuator at the turbo wastegate. 

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