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Magna’s Sedan Slouch concept features rear-passenger seats offering seatback recline as well as fold-flat functionality.

Magna Seating debuts Sedan Slouch concept (video)

Magna International Inc.’s Magna Seating unit has revealed its new seating concept called Sedan Slouch, the first-to-market rear-passenger sedan seats to offer seatback recline as well as fold-flat functionality. Sedan Slouch is available in both manual and power versions, giving automakers the option to upgrade or differentiate brands. Sedan Slouch utilizes Magna Seating’s META tracks as well as an innovative sliding/pivoting seatback latch. The latch connects the seatback to the body of the car, according to a video produced by Magna. The top of the seat features a handle to pull the seat down to accommodate cargo storing. The slouch function is activated by a handle that is similar to a front-seat adjustment handle, according to the video. The Sedan Slouch is aimed toward the sedan segment; globally, there are about six million vehicles in the medium- and large-sedan segments, according to a company release.

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