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The companies have agreed to the manufacture and sale of Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India.

Meritor, Brakes India expand offering of air disc brakes

Troy, MI-based Meritor, Inc. and brake system supplier Brakes India, Ltd. have signed a licensing and technology assistance agreement for the manufacture and sale of Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India. The agreement expands on an existing licensing agreement for B-frame hydraulic disc brakes, air drum, and air disc brakes. More than five million Meritor ELSA brakes have been sold globally. In India, ELSA 225H air disc brakes have been operating on major fleets for several years, particularly on buses and coaches. Features of the ELSA range include twin tappets for optimal pressure distribution, internally synchronized tappets with travel stops for easier servicing, modular construction for improved part commonality and flexibility of installation, and optional double sealing for severe applications.

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