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The Global University Directory provides students with a "one-stop" database to research automotive and aerospace engineering programs.

SAE provides resource for students interested in engineering

Students now have a “one-stop shop” to research university engineering programs. SAE International's Global University Directory provides listings for high school students researching bachelor’s degrees as well as undergraduates or professionals searching for a graduate program in the fields of aerospace and automotive engineering. The directory, available online at, provides not only a list of top engineering schools but also profiles and contact information for each school. The directory also gives potential students the opportunity to network and connect with schools to determine if a program fits their needs. The directory provides relevant listings of education programs in the automotive, aerospace, and vehicle electrification fields. The directory also allows students to narrow searches and avoid unspecific or cluttered web searches. The directory also finds schools with SAE International chapters. JobTech provides the technology platform for the Global University Directory.

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