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Germanium meniscus lenses

Edmund Optics’ TECHSPEC meniscus lenses feature a durable design that is ideal for use in a variety of demanding IR applications, including IR imaging or surveillance, remote sensing, and IR spectroscopy. The lenses are made from Germanium, which is a rugged, durable material with a broad transmission range of 2–16 µm and a high index of refraction. They offer improved spherical correction and smaller spot size than comparable lenses. The lenses are available uncoated or anti-reflection coated for increased performance in the designated coating wavelength range. Eighteen different RoHS-compliant lens varieties are offered in 25 mm or 50 mm diameters and focal lengths from 25 to 100 mm, either uncoated or coated for the 3–5 µm or 8–12 µm wavelength range.

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