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Center console concept

Preh’s center console concept features navigation, HVAC, and infotainment functions in an effort to facilitate drivers’ function selection in the cockpit, all while reducing driver distraction. The “touchless” 3-D gesture recognition restricts gestures to only four to guarantee both easy operation and high detection accuracy. “We wanted to create a comprehensive feedback array,” said Dr. Matthias Lust, Preh’s Advanced Development Director. “To make this possible, the haptic feedback design was not limited to buttons, knobs, and sliders, but also extended to the touchpad, which gives a haptic feedback using precise parallel mechanics.” According to the company, the console is easy to use, with a simple, multi-modal menu structure (central knob, touchpad, 3-D gestures). It offers three ways of feedback for the driver: Haptic push sensation, click-sound, and visual display information. Additionally, the console is ergonomic, with a reduction of driver distraction, and it offers good operating distance, with arm rest support, claims Preh.

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