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Seals for oil-lubricated wheel-end applications

A new generation of SKF Mudblock cassette seals has been launched for oil-lubricated wheel-end applications that the company says will significantly extend seal service life compared with equivalent products in the market. The solution can reduce seal friction by up to 20%, offering off-highway customers a solution that reduces energy loss and thus increases efficiency. The seal features a multilip cassette seal design incorporating optimized lip geometry, stainless steel counter surface, and a specially formulated nitrile compound to reduce wear and aging. The combination increases bearing life (SKF says up to 50%) by preventing the ingress of contaminants and retaining the lubricant inside the bearing, thus also minimizing environmental impact due to oil leakage. The solution reduces warranty claims, increases productivity, and reduces the owning and operating costs. The Mudblock cassette seal comes in a wide range of sizes from 25 to 250 mm (1 to 10 in) shaft diameter and is interchangeable with other cassette seals.

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