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Audio transceiver with automotive audio bus

The AD2410 transceiver from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is the first in a family of devices that enables ADI’s new automotive audio bus (A²B), which significantly reduces the weight of existing cable harnesses, resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency while delivering high fidelity audio. In addition, the AD2410 transceiver also eliminates the need for expensive microcontrollers with large memories that are required in existing digital bus architectures, claims ADI. Supporting up to 32 discrete upstream and downstream audio channels, the low-cost audio transceiver provides 50 Mbps of data bandwidth. All standard audio sampling rates are supported as is daisy-chaining of multiple AD2410 slave devices to a single master. Unlike existing digital bus architectures, system delay is fully deterministic at all slave nodes, making the AD2410 suitable for applications including active noise cancellation, in-car communications, and microphone beam forming.

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