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Chillers and heat exchangers

Advanced Thermal Solutions’ portable chiller systems and liquid-to-air heat exchangers aid in controlling fluid temperatures in looped liquid cooling systems. The chillers allow precise temperature control of the recirculating coolants used for managing heat in electronic equipment. Coolant temperatures are regulated by thermoelectric module or PID control, depending on the model. For fluid baths, an immersion chiller, the ATS-CHILL iM, controls fluid temperature via an immersible evaporator. Each ATS chiller is portable and readily integrates with liquid cooling systems wherever precise fluid temperatures are required. The chillers provide cooling capacity up to 600 W for ensuring accurately cold fluids in labs, industrial systems, laser thermal management, and in calibration and characterization studies. Automatic shut-off valves for liquid cooling systems detect water leaks in piping systems and, if a leak is detected, automatically close a valve to prevent water flow and sound an alarm.

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