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Dome-loaded pressure regulator

WITT-Gasetechnik’s dome-loaded pressure regulator is impervious to system pressure and withdrawal fluctuations. A design modification to the integrated control pressure regulator ensures an almost complete compensation of supply pressure and outlet fluctuations. Thus, users can rely on constant conditions in the gas supply at any time. In contrast to spring-loaded pressure regulators, dome-loaded pressure regulators are operated by gas pressure. The “control gas” is monitored via a separate control pressure regulator. Two major advantages of the dome-loaded pressure controller sets are their ease-of-use and flexibility. The control pressure regulator can be used to increase or reduce the gas pressure at any time. The control module is integrated into the housing, making the system compact, robust, and maintenance friendly. New materials for seals, diaphragm, and threaded joints increase the weather-resistance for outdoor installations, allowing for a temperature range of -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F).

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