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Selective laser sintering system

3D Systems has developed its fastest fab-grade selective laser sintering (SLS) system yet, the ProX 500 Plus. Building upon last year’s ProX 500 release, the ProX 500 Plus continues the company’s efforts to redefine production 3-D printing, adding upgraded speeds, higher print resolution, and an expanded range of engineered composite materials to the line. As with the ProX 500, the ProX 500 Plus delivers injection molding-grade parts without expensive fixed tooling for highly complex and mass customized production. Parts from ProX-series SLS printers exhibit long-lasting, fab-grade durability and functionality as well as smooth surface finish. A key element of the system’s capabilities is the addition of three high-performance materials to the DuraForm ProX line for use in the ProX 500 Plus: glass-filled DuraForm ProX GF, aluminum-filled DuraForm ProX AF+, and DuraForm ProX EF nylon.

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