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Angle sensor

Novotechnik’s SP1600 Series of compact angle sensors convert rotational angle into a voltage output and feature a return spring that compresses clockwise and decompresses counter-clockwise. Sensors feature an integrated 3-pin AMP Micro Quadlock connector, and the housing profile to connector is 26 mm (1 in). The housing is constructed of temperature-resistant plastic offering a range of -30 to +120°C (-22 to +248°F). Other key SP1600 Series specifications include defined electrical angles of 120° and 105° on separate models, nominal resistance of 5 kΩ, and linearity of ±2% of supply voltage. Sensors are sealed to IP67 with mounting O-ring, and life is ≥4 million movements. The sensors are suitable for off-highway and other harsh environment vehicle applications and can replace most CTS 500 sensor models.

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