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Electric vehicle interface controller

Andromeda Interfaces’ electric vehicle interface controller (EVIC) is a fully integrated display device to monitor the operation and safety of an electric vehicle’s major subsystems. EVIC consolidates all of the information from the electric vehicle into one advanced display device, from monitoring the battery management and charger systems to closely monitoring the motor controllers. The device can gather, interpret, and monitor complex critical EV system data, which it then graphically represents for users to easily understand. According to the company, EVIC is offered as both a tool for engineers to use and configure and is also sold as a drop-in solution for vehicle instrumentation in electric vehicles. EVIC was developed with Andromeda Interfaces’ ADIM-Milky platform and then applied specifically for EV applications. Additionally, EVIC is a certified interface for Orion’s Battery Management Systems, which is designed and manufactured by Ewert Energy Systems.

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