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Walk-in oven

The No. 1031 is a 650°F electrically heated walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used at a customer location for curing composite components. Workspace dimensions of the oven are 96-in width x 96-in depth x 84-in height. The oven chamber is heated via 140 kW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements, while a 10,000 ft3/min, 7-1/2 hp recirculating blower provides a combination airflow to the workload. Safety equipment is onboard to handle flammable solvents, including explosion-venting door hardware, and a 4400 ft3/min powered forced exhauster. Motorized dampers are provided for accelerated cooling. Controls include a digital programming temperature controller; manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors; 32-point digital recorder to track temperature, vacuum, and pressure; recirculating blower airflow safety switch; and SCR power controller.

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