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In-cylinder gas analysis

LaVision’s internal combustion optical sensor (ICOS) product family provides a series of techniques for the measurement of quantitative, in-cylinder, transient engine-relevant values such as air/fuel-ratio, temperature, or the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) rate. Systems are applicable in gasoline or diesel experimental or production engines, do not require a gas sampling system, and measure contactless without a time delay. The ICOS-Fuel system provides a technique for air/fuel-ratio analysis for crank angle resolved investigations such as cold start. The system measures the cycle-resolved internal and external EGR rate directly inside the cylinder with consecutive cycle variations at different engine conditions and accurately compares injection systems. The ICOS-Temperature system analyzes time-resolved in-cylinder temperatures in internal combustion engines.

For more information, visit Booth 508 at SAE 2015 World Congress.

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