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Durable fastening method

Delo partners with Bollhoff to develop the Onsert fastening method, which securely connects elements and provides fast joining of removable screw connections using light-cured adhesive. Suitable for challenging uses in the automotive and aviation industries to secure cable and sensor holders, clips, brake lines, insulation panels, and claddings, the flexible bonding method can be used with composites, thin sheet metals, and plastics. Based on stud welding, Onsert technology combines elements of fastening with bonding and screwing and adheres to fiber composites. The threaded rod can be repeatedly attached and unattached. Onsert eliminates visible impact for a cleaner look and can be cured within 4 seconds with a pull-off strength of up to 2000 N (450 lbf). Other features include low thermal stressing and no heat input.

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