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Heat shrink tubing

RoHS-compliant Amphe-HST (heat shrink tubing) from Amphenol Industrial is suitable for insulation protection in the energy, rail mass transit, heavy equipment, hybrid/electric vehicle, mining, and oil and gas markets. Thin wall tubing for low-voltage applications is available in multiple colors with a maximum operating voltage of 600 V and an operating temperature range of -55 to +135°C (-67 to +275°F). Dual wall tubing offers the same specifications; is resistant to common fluids, solvents, and UV rays; and seals and insulates splices, junctions, Ys and Ts, back shells, and terminations requiring environmental protection. Medium- and heavy-wall tubing for medium-voltage transmission, distribution, and insulation protection has a voltage range of 1 to 36 kV and an operating temperature range of -55 to +110°C (-67 to +230°F). 

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