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Nanotube additive

Zyvex Technologies announces the Zyvex Nanotube Technology (ZNT) product family. Available online, ZNT is a polymer-modified carbon nanotube additive for a range of host matrices including epoxies, elastomers, thermoplastics, rubber blends, aqueous-based solutions, and various other material systems and applications. The ZNT product family improves dispersion of carbon nanotubes for cost-effective performance increases. Products are available in four different customizations: ZNT-C for thermoset composites, epoxies, and vinyl/poly esters; ZNT-W for aqueous-based applications; ZNT-Ep for peroxide-cured elastomers; and ZNT-Es for sulfur-cured elastomers. With ZNT, Zyvex offers its fundamental technology without complex licensing models through an open-source approach to advance adoption.

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