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Specialty adhesives

Three new adhesives from Dow Automotive Systems offer environmental benefits when bonding elastomeric materials to metal, engineering plastics, or other elastomers. Megum 5386, Thixon P-21, and Thixon 526 bonding agents are used in applications including belts, hoses, mounts, bushings, and seals. Agents include low-viscosity, organic, solvent-based solutions, and/or dispersions of polymers and other reactive chemicals. Megum and Thixon are used for one-coat bonding or two-coat primer and cover-cement systems, allowing customers to consolidate products. Megum 5386 is a cover coat adhesive for soft, difficult-to-bond elastomers in high temperature, salt fog, and hydraulic fluid applications that reacts at lower dry film thickness. Thixon P-21 526 primer and cover coat systems offer an octyl-phenol-free primer formula with low viscosity that requires less solvent for spraying. 

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