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Stacked capacitors

AVX has extended the high-temperature SMX Series of stacked switch mode power supply (SMPS) multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) with the addition of 25-V ratings in case sizes 3-5 and 500-V ratings in all case sizes 1-6. The SMX Series is designed for use in harsh environment applications including military and aerospace, offshore, conventional and hybrid automotive, industrial, and down-hole oil, gas, and mineral exploration. Features include improved high frequency performance, capacitance retention, current handling capabilities, and a wide frequency response in high pulse. SMPS MLCCs are constructed using high-temperature solder and exhibit rugged thermal and mechanical shock and moisture and vibration resistance capabilities. Customizable capacitors are available in six case sizes from 25 to 500 V with a -55 to +200°C (-67 to +392°F) operating temperature range. 

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