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CNC marking tool

A new generation of BZ-Marker marking tools from Markator makes it possible to easily change the marking pin by using pliers to pull it out; it is no longer necessary to send the marking tool to the manufacturer to change the pin. The BZ-Marker is suitable for CNC machining centers to generate a durable marking on many different kinds of materials. It is possible to seat this marking tool into a collet or a weldon tool holder and integrate it directly into the machine spindle of the CNC machining center. The marking speed is aligned with the speed of the machining center. Due to the high quality guiding of the tool, uneven and raw surfaces can be marked with, for example, a serial number without any problems. A stepless adjustment, depending on the material hardness and the requested marking depth, is possible. Compared with the marking process using a milling tool in the CNC machining center, the marking times can be reduced by 75% when using the BZ-Marker, the company claims. To generate the required markings, the tool will be pressed into the material and drawn through according to the programmed font. The material will be compressed on the position of the marking and will not be weakened or damaged. No noise occurs with this marking method. Depending on the material and the required marking depth, a choice between four different tool sizes—S, M, L, and XL—can be made.

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