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Safety screens

The Lee Company offers a wide variety of safety screens designed to protect critical fluid control components from rogue contamination. These screens are not intended to serve as system filters. Lee’s new boss mount strainers are the latest addition to its line of safety screens, offering coarse level filtration in a compact, low-profile design. Manufactured from 304L stainless steel, the boss mount strainers feature a robust design with a single piece screen element that can withstand differential pressures up to 500 psid without rupture. In addition, the corrugated screen design provides maximum open area for increased dirt holding capacity. Lee boss mount strainers are available in six different thread sizes ranging from 0.750 to 1.875 in. With an integral tool slot, these strainers can be easily installed and removed for inspection. In addition, standard screen hole sizes include 0.038 and 0.062 in, making them suitable for lubrication systems or any other systems requiring coarse filtration. All Lee safety screens are precision cleaned and packaged before shipment. Special designs are available upon request.

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