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Severe-duty transmissions

Allison Transmission Holdings' new 9832 Oil Field Series model offers 3200 hp (2386 kW) for pressure pumping in tough environments. The 9832 OFS was specifically built to deliver continuous torque and maximum horsepower for pressure pumping in particularly difficult terrain. Additionally, it weighs up to 44% lighter than its competition to provide a "best in class" power-to-weight ratio, according to the company. In recent years, the energy industry has shifted toward a need for higher horsepower in locations like China where shale oil and gas deposits are at deeper levels and require more pressure for extraction. Additionally, poor road conditions and mountainous terrain in these same areas frequently limit the size and amount of equipment that can be transported to a work site. Allison's 9832 OFS addresses and solves those problems. With the 9832 OFS, Allison says it is the only company to offer a complete line of reliable, fully automatic transmissions for a wide range of oil field applications.

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