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High-temp dual valve controller

A new dual input, dual output valve controller from Axiomatic is operational up to 125°C (257°F) and suitable for installation under the hood of mobile equipment, including agricultural and heavy-duty industrial machines. The controller has two fully configurable universal inputs and outputs. Inputs can be set up to read voltage, current, resistance, frequency, or digital command input signals. The outputs can be set up to drive proportional current, hotshot digital current, proportional voltage, proportional PWM (1 Hz to 25 kHz), and straight on/off digital loads. The product was developed with MathWorks’ Simulink providing sophisticated control algorithms that allow the user to program the controller for a range of applications without the need for custom software. It comes with one CAN port and is available in different models: 250 kpbs, 500 kpbs, and 1 Mbps baud rates. Specific applications include proportional fan drive control, PID closed loop valve control, hydraulic valve control, and signal conversion.

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