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Mobile Data Transfer is a USB to WiFi device that plugs into the display and transfers data quickly and conveniently using your smartphone.

John Deere's MDT allows users to make data-driven decisions

John Deere has added a new tool within MyJohnDeere to make data transfer in the field easier. Mobile Data Transfer (MDT) allows customers to wirelessly transfer agronomic data to and from non-John Deere displays and from John Deere's GreenStar 3 2630 display (in older Deere equipment that is not JDLink compatible).

MDT enables users to consolidate data from multiple branded displays into one centralized location, referred to as the Operations Center, either for their use or to be shared with others to allow for impactful, data-driven decisions. It also bridges the connectivity gap as customers continue to upgrade from non-modular telematics gateway (MTG)-enabled machines to MTG-enabled machines.

"Mobile Data Transfer is the simple solution for customers who run older or mixed-fleet equipment and want immediate access of information stored in their displays. It eliminates the manual transfer of data," said Jeff Nolting, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG). "It's a USB-to-WiFi device that plugs into the display and transfers data using a smartphone via the Mobile Data Transfer app."

The MDT app works with a variety of mobile devices to facilitate the transfer of information and it can be downloaded from either the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Growers using approved competitive displays can send their production data to the Operations Center to be viewed in Field Analyzer or be used by third-party API applications. Additionally, prescription files can be pulled from the display without leaving the cab of the tractor. During the busy planting and spraying seasons, this functionality can offer time savings that translates to higher productivity and thus profitability.

The Operations Center is where users can access the tools to start the days planning with the MyJobs app. These tools allow a manager to define a job that needs to be done, and it includes all of the specifics of that job. "Add Jobs" automatically syncs up with the "My Jobs" app on mobile devices of operators and other employees. They receive a detailed jobs order in real time vs. spending hours on the telephone or managing to-do lists.

The Operations Center and the MyJobs app also keep track of the year-to-year changes that can lead to higher efficiency and yields.

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