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The Multix personal utility vehicle delivers ground clearance of 225 mm (8.86 in), and fuel economy of 28.5 km/L (67.0 mpg).

Eicher Polaris creates personal-utility-vehicle segment in India

Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd. recently launched what it claims is India’s first personal utility vehicle (PUV), the Multix, creating a new category in the automotive segment. Purpose-built, specially designed, and powered by a diesel engine, Multix is available in two variants and four colors, starting at a price of $3638 US. The 50:50 joint venture between Eicher Motors Ltd and Polaris Industries Inc. has invested $55 million US in product development and setting up a manufacturing facility at Jaipur, Rajasthan. The plant has an annual capacity of 60,000 units, which can be scaled up to 120,000 units. It is equipped with robotic weld lines and an in-house paint system.

Multix can accommodate five passengers along with luggage, and can be adapted to create 1918 L (67.7 ft3) of storage space. It is equipped with X-Port, a power-takeoff point that can generate up to 3 kW that can be used for lighting homes and powering equipment such as drilling machines and water pumps. The PUV features a tubular frame structure and rollover protection system, Flexituff body, and Pro Ride independent suspension system. It delivers ground clearance of 225 mm (8.86 in), and fuel economy of 28.5 km/L (67.0 mpg).

Expected to launch in 30 cities starting in August, Multix has undergone more than 1.8 million km (1.1 million mi) equivalent of rigorous testing in India and the U.S. for off-road reliability, safety, and durability.

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