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Acoustical spray for improved NVH

Baytec AS (Acoustical Spray) is a new acoustical spray technology from Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience. The spray forms a durable, customizable part that can be combined with a layer of polyurethane foam. There is a patent pending for this innovative new approach, which uses a higher level of sound-blocking fillers than current solutions. Baytec AS reduces sound across a range of frequencies. This is achieved because the barium sulfate filler in the elastomer blocks low frequency sound and the polyurethane foam absorbs the higher frequencies. Baytec AS can achieve better acoustical performance than current technologies at the same weight, according to Covestro, or it can be lighter with similar acoustical performance to current technologies. The solution can deliver up to 40% weight savings without sacrificing performance. Additionally, Baytec AS can be used to fine-tune the part thickness and sound-blocking capability by concentrating more material at noise hot spots and less material in quieter regions, saving weight overall. The technology meets OEM standards and offers suppliers a streamlined production process that can result in less labor and lower cycle times. Covestro can provide customers technical expertise and assistance in development and prototyping.

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