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Fiber laser system

Prima Power has introduced the Laserdyne 430 Versa 3D fiber laser system with third-generation BeamDirector, designed for the typical laser processing needs of tool rooms, model shops, and R&D centers of manufacturers. The system provides a balance of cost, flexibility, and precision for laser cutting, welding, drilling, texturing, and marking of a wide range of materials. The 430 Versa also provides a cost-effective path into volume production by making possible the full benefits of fiber laser processing with an “effectively priced” workstation, the company claims. The 430 Versa is equipped with an air-cooled 3000-W peak power fiber laser and the proprietary Laserdyne BeamDirector, which provides two axes of laser beam motion without part movement. Precision stems from the performance and accuracy of the 430 Versa motion system and from advanced features that allow the fiber laser to perform a full range of tasks—the result of integrated control of the laser, motion, and processors. Integral to the 430 Versa are Laserdyne advancements in processing using the fiber laser, including recently announced SmartPierce, SmartRamp, SmartStop, and ShapeSoft. Laserdyne S94P control with standard hardware and software features include Automatic Focus Control for capacitive part sensing, and as an option, the patented Optical Focus Control for sensing of non-conductive surfaces. The 430 Versa also includes a range of standard focusing lens assemblies including right angle assemblies for processing inside cylinders having diameters as small as 60 mm (2.4 in) and welding assemblies that shield the weld metal to prevent contamination and protect the focusing lens from spatter.

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