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Quick connector for fuel and urea systems

Norma Group has developed a new plastic quick connector for use on fuel and NOx-reducing diesel urea systems in passenger, commercial, and off-highway vehicles. Produced at a Norma Americas plant in St. Clair, MI, the NormaQuick SSL quick connector is easy to assemble to fluid lines without the use of special tools. The new quick connector features a secondary latch that ensures service personnel can make a secure connection and also allows for quick disconnection. The connectors produce a significant “click” sound when installed correctly. If the NormaQuick SSL quick connector needs to be disassembled for maintenance and service, a technician can disconnect it by pressing the latch on the same side it was engaged. The quick connector is designed for use on both plastic and metal fittings designed to meet SAE J2044 specifications. Made of recyclable materials, the connector features extremely low fluid permeability, according to Norma. It comes standard in 0° and 90° versions; special versions are available upon request.

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