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Thermal shields

Interface Performance Materials has introduced two new thermal shields in the Select-a-Shield thermal product family—THH-1010 and TFP-3065—the first innovations in a series scheduled to be released through 2016. Suitable for use in the lawn and garden, power sports, automotive, and trucking industries, both thermal shielding products feature an inorganic fiber insulating core (0.65-mm thick for TFP-3065 and 1.0-mm thick for THH-1010) and a thin embossed foil facing to create a lightweight, durable shield that is directly applied to protect sensitive elements from a high-temperature source. TFP-3065 comes with a low surface energy pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing for plastic surface applications, while THH-1010 comes with high-temperature acrylic PSA for metal and painted surfaces. Both THH-1010 and TFP-3065 are also available without a PSA backing for mechanical fastening applications. Applications include fuel tanks, plastic body panels, acoustic parts, enclosure panels, and any surface that needs to be protected from heat sources, such as engine exhaust components. Both products can be placed within 15 mm (0.6 in) of a 560°C (1040°F) heat source. Test results show the thermal shields are resistant to underhood chemicals, power washing, gravel, and harsh environments. THH-1010 and TFP-3065 are available in rolls, sheets, and finished die-cut parts.

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