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The all-new Vision cab introduced on the S9 Series combines has nearly two dozen features to enhance operator comfort and simplify control, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The cab is 15% larger than previous models, with a larger, deep-curved front windshield for an improved view of the cutter bar, header ends and harvested areas behind each side of the header. A larger operator seat and completely redesigned control console are among its new features.

Gleaner upgrades cabins, drives on S9 Series combines

AGCO’s transverse rotary combine brand, Gleaner, will be debuting for 2016 its new S9 Series combines, which includes three models—the S96, S97, and S98—to meet the needs of growers seeking class 6, 7, and 8 machines. Gleaner says the S9 addresses the needs farmers have identified for harvesting technology—capacity, grain quality, low loss levels, reduced compaction, and serviceability.

In fact, Gleaner claims many of the S9 Series enhancements are the direct result of requests from growers and were developed and tested in the field under true harvest conditions.

Gleaner’s completely redesigned Vision cab has several new features to enhance operator comfort and simplify control, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The completely redesigned cab offers 15% more volume (130 ft³ vs. 113 ft³) than previous models and has a larger instructor seat with a fold-down back that doubles as laptop computer storage and workspace.

The cab features a 22% larger, deep-curved front windshield and 66 ft² of total glass area for an enhanced view of the cutter bar, header ends, and harvested areas behind each side of the header. The A-posts and B-pillars have been narrowed and moved for more room. A solar-protectant laminate minimizes sun exposure through the front glass and sound-deadening material throughout the cab keeps operating environment as quiet as 75.5 dB(A) in corn.

The completely redesigned control console is located to the right of the operator seat for reduced fatigue during operation. Ergonomic placement and intuitive color-coding of the buttons and switches give the operator quick and easy access to all combine functions.

A multi-function handle controls travel direction and speed and easy access to buttons to engage the processor, header, and parking brake. The throttle lever is just under the thumb of the operator for intuitive adjustment of engine rpm. All header adjustments and controls are consolidated on a panel outside of the monitor. Buttons to adjust rotor speed, gear selection, and bin extension operation are intuitively located on the right edge of the console.

A slim-profile steering post, new cab post placement, 12 new cab lights with high-lumen projection, and new dual remote mirrors are among the two dozen innovations of the Vision cab.

A central feature of the Vison cab is the new Tyton terminal, providing the full menu of products and services from Fuse, AGCO’s next-generation technology approach to match the needs of modern precision farming practices.

Available first on Gleaner combines, the new Tyton terminal has four quadrants, easier-to-read Gleaner-specific graphics and an easy-to-use, color touch-screen interface, so operators may monitor and control multiple combine functions, many with a single touch. Mounted on an accessory bar off the operator seat armrest, the Tyton terminal can be positioned by the operator for the best visibility of the monitor and header.

Gleaner S9 Series combines offer the choice of a factory-installed FieldStar Live or AgLeader Live yield mapping system integrated through the Tyton terminal. Both systems integrate data from yield and moisture sensors, global positioning, and the Tyton terminal to provide live mapping. Automatic header width control is included for even more accurate yield calculations. Available TaskDoc task management and record keeping solutions provide complete field documentation systems for growers, offering quick, secure, and reliable wireless transfer of data between the machine and the office.

In addition, the S9 Series offers the optional Auto-Guide guidance system with a NovAtel satellite receiver that comes from the factory set up for WAAS to ensure maximum steering accuracy and efficiency. Auto-Guide control also is integrated through the Tyton terminal, eliminating a separate screen in the cab.

With the S9 Series, what Gleaner describes as its “natural-flow feeding” technology has been refined to improve feeding capacity in difficult crop conditions such as heavy canola swaths and green-stem soybeans where uneven feeding can occur. The feeder house floor has been lowered and the feeder house runners and torque tube raised, creating clearance under the feed shaft. These changes reduce stress on the shaft, yet maintain good control of the crop mat in difficult feeding conditions. Also the feeder house has been lengthened for better visibility of the cutter bar from the Vision cab.

With increasing header size and the longer feeder house, geometry on the header lift cylinders has been redesigned for improved lift-ability. And, a proportional valve has been added to the header-lift hydraulic system, so the operator can adjust header raise/lower speed and sensitivity to their preference using the Tyton terminal.

New electronics and redesigned hydraulic systems eliminate all cables and linkage for the hydrostatic propel system. A new variable-displacement motor provides automatic high-low shifting through the hydrostatic propel system that was accomplished manually through the XR two-speed shift-on-the-go transmission of the S8 Series. The programming of speed and torque sets the hydrostatic motor to optimum displacement automatically and provides speed and torque when needed, whether looking for a faster road speed or climbing a hill.

The Gleaner S9 Series includes many additional drive component updates to improve not only combine performance, but also enhance reliability. The main drive belt in the S9 Series machines is a four-strand HB-section Opti-Belt for longer life and increased braking capability. The hydraulic spreader pump features cast iron around the gears and a closed-loop electrical system that constantly monitors the speed and adjusts the hydraulic control, maintaining constant spreader speed regardless of temperature. The propel drive belt increases in size from a three-strand to a four-strand V-belt for longer life.

A new 200-cc steering control unit has been integrated on all S9 models, and the Auto-Guide sensor is now integrated into the steering cylinder to eliminate any external linkage. A standard 390-bushel grain bin has new sensors built in to alert operators when it reaches 70% and 90% of capacity.

The Gleaner Gen 2 SmartCooling system, which consists of a variable-pitch cooling fan with reversing capability, has new fan-controlled software that uses charge pressure parameters to reduce pressure from 2750 psi to 406 psi for improved performance and maximum efficiency.

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