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Powertrain vents

Donaldson’s powertrain vents incorporate a breathable ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane and an oil-repellent, coalescing pre-filter for maximum protection in harsh environments. The vents provide protection from particles, water, oils, and automotive fluids while allowing pressure equalization in front and rear axles, transmissions, power transfer units and transfer cases, and limited slip couplings. Features of the units, which come in three sizes, include hydrophobic vents that meet water repellency ratings up to IP69K, oleophobic vents that meet oil repellency ratings up to 8 per AATCC 118-1992, rubber tube insert design for seamless integration into the component for easier assembly, and automotive-grade glass-filled Nylon 6,6 plastic for enhanced durability and resistance to high temperatures and harsh environments.

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