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Advanced materials for catalysts

SDCmaterials will partner with Car Sound Exhaust System and supply the company with material for its catalytic converters. SDC's Nano-on-Nano formulation, applied to exhaust-treatment catalysts, requires as little as 40% of the platinum-group metals in traditional catalysts, essentially doubling the efficiency of the precious-metal composition. SDC manufactures its Nano-on-Nano catalyst ingredients via plasma-synthesis technology, which integrates nano-sized precious metal particles onto nano-oxide support particles. When incorporated into traditional catalysts, the ingredients inhibit catalyst-degrading precious-metal migration and agglomeration, creating more stable and predictable emissions control, and allowing the catalyst manufacturer to use substantially less precious metal. GM Ventures, an investor in SDC, believes the technology can provide a significant cost savings for customers when applied in broader use. For more information, visit

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