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Connected-vehicle technology

Dana Holding Corp.’s Spicer Smart Suite technology is a platform of fully integrated, connected-vehicle features that converts operating data from the drivetrain into actionable insights for enhancing productivity, improving operator and machine safety, and reducing total operating costs. Initially introduced as a package of options for Spicer axles, the Spicer Smart Suite technology will ultimately extend to additional Spicer drivetrain products. The integrated system collects, manages, analyzes, communicates and acts on data sourced from the drivetrain, including load monitoring, condition monitoring, torque management, speed sensing, and steering sensing. The technology provides useful, actionable insights to end users on and off the vehicle, allowing critical alerts and analysis to be shared on vehicle central display panels, via tablets and in fleet-management centers.  It is also designed to take these insights a step further by performing key functions independent of operator intervention. The system includes sensors that capture data from key drivetrain operating processes; computing capabilities that consolidate, manage, and analyze data; and compatibility with common vehicle communication protocols and telematics systems. The first application of the Spicer Smart Suite concept is a new intelligent load-monitoring system (ILMS) for telehandlers.  While traditional load-monitoring technology collects measurements from a single remote-mounted or retrofitted load cell on the rear axle, Spicer ILMS uses data from across the vehicle to more effectively prevent tip-overs, provide better estimates of static loads and supply more intelligent calibration management. Manufacturer field testing of Spicer ILMS will begin in the second quarter of 2016, and it will be offered as an optional feature on all Spicer axles for telehandlers. For more information, visit Bauma Hall A4, Stand 326 or

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