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Integrated electronic stability control

ZF TRW has enhanced the capabilities of its electronic stability control (ESC) system—in addition to its wide range of advanced braking functionality, the technology can act as a “black-box” integration hub, hosting software algorithms to control automated driving, safety, chassis and drivetrain functions. The firm has developed advanced six-piston premium ESC technology (EBC 460) that offers one of the most powerful microcontrollers in the automotive industry and can host considerably more software than the previous version.  Launching later this year with a major European vehicle manufacturer, the ESC module will host the control algorithms for an advanced automated-driving function. In addition, it will provide the integration platform for enhanced chassis actuators including the center clutch, rear-axle steering, electric park brake and drivetrain, which will help to achieve the maximum comfort and sophisticated control of all vehicle dynamics. For more information, visit

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