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Low-pressure carburizing furnace

Ponar Wadowice S.A. signed a contract for the May 2016 delivery of a Seco/Warwick CaseMaster Evolution (CME) low-pressure carburizing (LPC) furnace, the first such furnace purchased by the company. Ponar Wadowice produces complete solutions for the power hydraulics industry. The CME LPC furnace is proven in a range of LPC applications and can address various technical challenges, including oil hardening. The furnace features a double-chamber design with an oil-quenching system that prevents intergranular oxidation. It is equipped with FineCarb LPC technology and PreNitLPC technology for intensive vacuum carburizing. The furnace is said to be 40% more cost efficient, safer for the environment and for workers and provide an increase in production volume of 15% compared to atmospheric furnaces. Nominal temperature is up to 1320°C (2408°F). For more information, visit

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